Runway with Shelters, Transient, Medium Aircraft Aprons & C5 Apron, Al-Asad AB, Iraq

Client: US Army Corps of Engineers

Contract Number: W912ER-08-C-0008

Completion Date:
20 June 2009

Final Project Amount:
24,886,620.87 USD

Design Part:
The project was design and construction. The design part of the project was performed by third party A&E company, Altan Ltd. Co., Design Consultancy and Services in cooperation with the EMTA in-house design team.
Design of Runway and shelters, aprons, electrical flood lighting system and edge lighting. Design of exterior lighting and jet ballast reflectors. The design part was completed in June 2008.

Design Fee:

Brief Description of Project:
This project consists of the a concrete runway with graded crushed aggregate base course, drainage, concrete shoulders with graded crushed aggregate base course, markers, striping, runway lighting, support facilities, utilities; Concrete aprons for C-130 transient aircrafts including markers, drainage, striping and jet blats protection, existing gate and asphalt demolition, grounding points, apron edge lights and 10.000 gallon water storage tank for suppression. The project also consists of design and construction of a medium aircraft apron and C-5 Apron with Security Fence, apron edge, taxiway and threshold lighting, apron and storage yard flood lighting, exterior power distribution cable installation.
Infrastructure Works: Open channel drainage utilities for the concrete paved areas, HV,MV and LV power cable installations, Installation of pad-mounted transformer substations.