Replacement of Administrative Building 2621, Ankara, Turkey

Client: US Army Corps of Engineers

Contract Number: W912GB-09-D-0069-0007

Completion Date: 21 Jan 2015

Final Project Amount: 1,367,058.00USD

Brief Description of Contract/Project: The project is a design-built turn-key project consisting of demolition of existing building, construcion of a new statically safe(Reinforced Concrete), blast proof and functional facility(2 storeys, approximately 525 sqm) and an elevated breezeway (prefabricated steel) between existing 2018 bldg and the new bldg which meets the requirements of the latest regulations. Therefore all required Civil, Architectural, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering services are conducted to accomplish the work. The work also includes; Infrastructure works, Blast Resistant Doors & Windows, Fire Alarm System, a complete HVAC System and Landscaping. The project will also be a Leed Certified Project(Leed Silver).