Mosul Airport ATC Tower, NAVAIDS, Visual Aids and Electrical Renovation, Mosul, Iraq

Client: US Army Corps of Engineers

Contract Number: W916QW-05-D-0005 / T.O.0001

Completion Date:
15 September 2006

Final Project Amount:
10,329,473.95 USD

Design Part:
The project was design-build, new construction. The design part of the project was performed in-house by EMTA designers, in accordance with the CAT-1 criteria. Designs for special systems were out sourced. Design of ATC Tower building including mechanical and electrical design such as duct type chiller system, sprinkler system, addressable fire alarm system, ups system and water treatment system. Design of airfield lighting system, middle voltage system including 2ea substations, switchgears, transformers and automatic transfer switch. Design of Navigation systems such as DVOR, ILS, Glide Slop, Localizer, DME. Design of ground-to-air communication system such as VHF and UHF radios. The design part was completed in May 2005.

Design Fee:

Brief Description of Project:
Work consists of the design and construction of Air Traffic Control Tower of 26 mt high reinforced concrete structure with steel piled foundation, including the steel cab installation and glazing; electrical works interior, exterior, and cathodic protection with constant potential controlled rectifiers, mechanical works including Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning; Office Building of two storey reinforced concrete structure; Parking Area with exterior lighting system and environmental design.
Airfield Lighting and Visual Aids System including underground works(laying, piping, man/handhole manufacturing and installation), cabling, installation of fixtures and NAVAIDS System including underground works, cabling, installation of shelter and installation of NAVAIDS equipment. Ground-to-Air Communication System (9 transceivers with antennas, filters and remote controls), Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN), Aerodrome Terminal Information System (ATIS), CCTV and fire alarm systems installations. Work includes the installation of chiller system with two air handling units and appropriate duct works; two substation buildings and installation of power generators; automatic transfer switches, transformers and middle voltage city supply switching gears. Middle voltage cable installation. One-year operation and maintenance support and training of the local nationals on all Visual Aids and NAVAIDS systems and Ground-to-Air Communication system are provided. Rubber Removal and Repainting of Runway are also provided.
Renovation, Rehabilitation, Repair:
This project required the renovation of the existing electrical distribution systems on the airfield and to connect the new system to the Mosul City electrical power grid.