Design & Construction of Presidential Information and Coordination Center, Kabul, Afghanistan

Client: US Army Corps of Engineers

Contract Number: W5J9JE-10-D-0006-0005

Completion Date:
21 May 2014

Final Project Amount:

Brief Description of Contract/Project:
The project consists of the construction of a 2500 m² basement and two-story concrete and steel frame building which serves as Presidential Information and Coordination Center (PICC) at the Presidential Compound in Kabul, Afghanistan. Reinforced raft foundation (600 mm thickness) and reinforced concrete exterior walls (300 mm thick) and steel structural system, floor slabs are built from reinforced concrete inside galvanized sheet floor deck, terrace roof surface that covered by EPDM membrane, XPS and concrete pavement. All exterior walls and columns on the exterior walls are reinforced concrete, all interior columns and beams are steel I profiles. All structural members are covered by CMU walls or gypsum construction. All interior walls are CMU wall and plaster.
Architectural Works: On the facades, there are ornamental columns between all windows. All ornamental columns have got decorated capital and decorated base. Likewise, interior steel columns are covered by circular shell marble covering column cladding, which have decorated column capital and decorated column base.
Stucco and paint for exterior facades, aluminum windows, and stucco covered foam window trims are used around the windows. Some of the windows are dome shaped at Clerestory floor. And dome shaped foam trims (with stucco covered) are used around of the top floor windows. There is an atrium on ground floor that covered with marble floor covering. There is double –return half-circular stairs on the atrium area with showy railings.
Electrical works of the project include the following work items:
• Interior Low Voltage Distribution
• Site Low Voltage Distribution
• Generator & ATS Installation and Commissioning
• Addressable Fire Alarm and Detection System
• Lightning Protection and Grounding System
• Telecommunication and CCTV Infrastructure
Mechanical works of the project include the following work items:
• Water Supply Connection System
• Sanitary Sewage & Storm Drainage System
• Domestic Water Distribution System
• HVAC System