• Construction of Business Centers & Office Buildings & Community Centers.
• Construction of Industrial Projects
• Construction of Mass Housing Projects
• Design & Construction of Airfield Runways, Taxiways, Aprons and Hangars.
• Design & Construction of Airfield Traffic Control Towers with electronic equipments.
• Design & Construction of Airfield Lighting Systems. (ALS, NAVAIDS, ILS, VOR, DVOR, etc.)
• Design & Construction of Educational Buildings, Schools, Dormitories
• Design & Construction of Storage Facilities, Warehouse, Waste Management Facility, Fuel Storage Facility, Water Treatment Plants
• Construction of Infrastructure for Industrial Areas and Military Bases & Camps. (Water Lines, Sewer Lines, OH & UG Electrical Distribution, Fiber Optic Lines, Roads)
• Construction of Computer Rooms , LAN Systems, Laboratories
• Special Construction (Shielded Rooms, Hush-House Erection, Satellite Communication Centers, Emergency Sanctuaries etc.)
• Security Upgrade Projects (Perimeter Force Protection, Entry Control Points)